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To not be late

Being on time for appointments and meetings, whether they are for work or just with friends, shows that you have respect for the individuals you are meeting with! It makes you look professional when you are at work, and respectful towards others!



  • Goal: 100
  • Pledges: 124

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  • Blogs
    • Sense of resposibility by manuel ryan ricohermoso

      problem bus.. common reason in our area why people are late. but i have learned that in this world of competition a sense of responsiblity is really needed to survive. How can you do your work well... (more)

    • LOL by Paul De La Merced

      Im late everywhere. Sometimes I feel its inevitable... but im going to try really hard this year not to be late! especially for work! ; ) (more)

    • Is it possible? by ~Mary*Anne~

      I'm Brazilian and we are late for everything, which is usually an acceptable behavior, as long as you are not too late (over an hour) but it can still be annoying, so I will work against my... (more)