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Support HIV/AIDS Infected People

At times people fail to understand that the infected people with HIV/AIDS don't all get it willingly as to some if may be a result of rape, defilement and being reluctant. This is because instead of helping the infected person, they just judge them. HIV/AIDS carriers are still human beings who deserve care, comfort and treatment. I think it will be better if only we join hands to fight against the spread of HIV/AIDS to all the parts of the world. United hands can lead to a better tomorrow rather than abandoning the sick as when they are directly involved, the disease can be brought to an end.



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    • love HIV/AIDS patients by Suneboy

      they are the client of love. they shouldn't be threatned or neglected. Hence, help in living long life. They deserve love not punishment.The love helps them to support. so, do so. (more)

    • انا متعايش مع الفيروس by ameruae

      اعزائي ويامن ارى بكم عزائي فانا راغب ان اعلمكم بما هو دائي ...... نعم انا متعايشا معه من الألف الى اليائي وهاانا ابحث عن اشلائي في البحر وفي الصحراء والفضاء ومابين البر والماء...وفي اثير الحب... (more)