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having a goal in our life

Everyone , living any where , must have a goal in his life , did any one ask himself why he live and what is his goal in his life??? So let\'s start, bring a paper and a pen then write down your goal and struggle for it. Inform us with your goal in your life here:



  • Goal: 1,000
  • Pledges: 511

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    • prendre l'engagement de respecter mon corps et la vie des autres by Siahoué Aminata

      on dit souvent que nous somme libre et que notre corps nous appartient, en tant que jeune il est tres inportant de prendre soin de notre corps, de le protéger, de l'aimer, d'e faire bon usage. (more)

    • Ryan Hreljac by Ryan's Well Foundation

      Ryan Hreljac is a compelling and passionate voice for those impacted by the water and sanitation crisis in the developing world. He continues to act as a role model with a clear message... (more)

    • Hope it helps by Henry

      I think having something to believe in and fight for is very amazing. One major step one has to pass through is finding out what your true passion really is. You may be passionate about many things... (more)

    • My vision by Raluca

      Never ever ever give up believing that something great lies in each one of us which can easily be discovered with the beauty of giving and sharing... And of course, let's remember about Ghandi's... (more)

    • Make a difference by Rana Lo.

      Having a goal gives you a purpose for living and working hard to achieve that goal. My goal is making a difference in the world or even somebody's life. Sometimes it's hard because I don't know... (more)