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Family unity

To ensure i don't have any of my children growing outside the family because of any reason:whether due to divorce or the fact tha they were concieved outside marriage.Am not married yet, and i think this is the perfect time for me to make this commit so as i check myself and be cautious of my actions especially in relationships,knowing perfectly well that i will bear the full consequences of my actions. My worry is based on the so many street children we have today, especially in third world countries-called "chokora" in Kenya.These kids barely know the meaning of family.Many of them were abandoned by teenage mothers who could not afford to raise due to lack of financial support or fear of being branded an outcast in the society.So all their life they have never known comfort, love, or care; nothing positive!! Eventually, to keep themselves afloat, they engage in socially unacceptable activities; for instance, crime, prostitution, drugs ... etc; just to survive. The end result is more suffering for these kids. At an early age of 10, some of them already have young ones. That means more problems for them because they have to cater for their new family too. This becomes a vicious cycle of crimes and poverty.



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