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1 MicroMoment for 1 MicroAction. Microblog and create MacroChange.

I\'m challenging YOU and everyone you know to take a what I\'d like to call a \"MicroAction\", a small, simple deed for someone else that will take you a \"MicroMoment\" to complete. Then microblog about it, and challenge your followers/friends to do the same. Search hashtag #MicroAction to see if we can create MacroChange, by bettering the world 1 small action and 1 quick blog at a time. Also blog about MicroActons someone did that helped you! It\'s this SIMPLE: 1. Take a MicroMoment and complete a MicroAction (small simple deed for someone else) ex. picking up and returning someone\'s dropped item 2. Post a MicroBlog (short and sweet statement) telling everyone what you did 3. Create MacroChange by challenging others to do the same. We can do this!



  • Goal: 1,000
  • Pledges: 1
  • Actions: 3

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